Brace Care Video Package

Brace Care Video Package

Hello, here's good news! There's finally a way to help you and your child easily remember everything you learned about caring for your braces while at your Orthodontist office. Many Doctors all over the world not only recommend these video to their patients, many of them also use them on their websites too. So why not order your videos today!

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Brace Care Video Package

4 Videos

  • Cleaning Teeth

    This Video, is called "Cleaning Braces" parents love this video. It's very easy for patients to see the proper technique to clean their teeth and braces. Plus patients see how "Scar" can develop and cause permanent damage. Plus this video shows a patient the best way to floss in and around their ...

  • Loose Brace Video

    The"Loose Brace" video was created to assist patients by showing them that even when a wire or brace is loose, they don't have to feel that they must rush into the office for the doctor to take care of it. The video offers simple solutions that can be handled in the comfort of their own home, rel...

  • Poking Wire

    This Video, we call "Poking Wire" helps patients solve the emergency situations that occur when an alignment wire becomes loose or knocked out of place. In watching this easy to follow step by step video, your patient will learn prosily how to use wax, chewing gum or a cotton ball to alleviate th...

  • Arch Expander Care

    In "Arch Expander" we tackle one of the toughest elements of the brace experience. This videos uses animation to offer the patient a very detailed look of the method necessary to properly adjust their RPE. We've approached many of the difficulties that we are sure you have had to explain time and...